True ONE SHOT Miss Fortune is BACK | League of Legends (Season 10)

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28 thoughts on “True ONE SHOT Miss Fortune is BACK | League of Legends (Season 10)”

  1. I had a game where i finally had the chance to go Dark Harvest+lethality/lifesteal mf (the enemy had all squishies so i thought it would be fun to pop them in 2 autos after 3 items) and now i open yt and see you posted a similar video. Lets goooo

  2. can i ask what your thought process was for using quick cast with indicator? Miss fortune isn't really skill shot so your aim would be fine with quick cast and no indicator. I'm the opposite, i have indicator off when i should have it on and it causes me to miss skill shots lol.

  3. I did the crit and dark harvest miss fortune and its better than lethality i think ita doing 5 k damage on baron buff and dragons but i want to ask a question dark harvest miss fortune or other runes

  4. Stop saying people don't get banned. They do. You only have to report them. I've been banned, I know people who've been banned, banning is a thing. Just report. You will be notified if action is taken by Riot.

  5. "What are your runes and items for Swain ADC? Keystone choices seem to be split between Electrocute and Conqueror."

    I prefer Electrocute because I am a very assertive player and the rune continuously adds so much extra damage to Swain's combos.

    My general build guideline…



    Cheap Shot

    Eyeball Collection

    Ultimate Hunter

    Presence of Mind

    Coup de Grace

    Cooldown Reduction

    Ability Power

    Armor / Magic Resistance


    Start: E – W – Q

    Max: Q – E – W


    Start: Doran's Ring

    Shoe: Sorcerer's Shoes

    First: Hextech Protobelt-01

    Second: Zhonya's Hourglass / Liandry's Torment

    Third: Liandry's Torment / Zhonya's Hourglass / Mejai's Soul Stealer / Morellonomicon

  6. I had a months hiatus from league and started playing lor.
    I recently came back because KDA hype and tested the Sanguine blade MF build.
    It was normals but we were against 3 platinums as a silvers team (and a rusty silver in me).
    The build give me so much map pressure we ended up winning the match quite handedly a horrible early game and the play style really suits me as both I am someone who used to play singed and has a mastery 7 on kayle XD


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