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Welcome to TRUE SURVIVAL. A variation on the ‘traditional’ hardcore ruleset.This is oldschool Tarkov in 2021 with a twist.We start on a brand new STANDARD EDITION account with self imposed rules to play the game without the flea market, insurance and more…Beginner friendly in a raid to raid guide style experience. How to get your account started, find equipment and progress through the tasks. Minimal cuts show my entire progression including deaths.

#tarkov #eft #KRASHED

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38 thoughts on “TRUE SURVIVAL: Oldschool Escape From Tarkov – STANDARD EDITION WALKTHROUGH – KRASHED”

  1. I wish this was the actual rules. I especially like the idea of locking off Reserve until level 30. Id go farther and lock it behind quests.
    Nice to see youre not playing FIFA hahaha

  2. Great content, big fan of yours! Btw I really liked your video with proposed changes to EFT with goal to make it more "survival" etc. Also a little while back SovietWomble made a video essay on case of Dayz, how the standalone alienated its player base by being the game the developers envisioned and not the game players expected because they played different mashups of Dayz variants (more pvp focused or more basebuilding etc.), and I cannot stop seeing parallels with possible fate of EFT. I love Tarkov because of it´s uniquenes, realism and just the feeling of experiencing it, however I am afraid that the game suffers from it´s popularity, I may be wrong, but I don´t think the game Nikita envisioned could be anywhere near words like "meta", "pvp shoot on sight" or the biggest offender imho – the "twitch tournament". I "fear" that some day EFT will try to return to it´s more survival based roots (which I would love to play) but with the cost of destroying the playerbase and possibly killing the game altogether. Any thoughts?

  3. Cool idea Kev! Especially the reserve twist. However what about you define an item in game that‘s like a labs keycard and grants you access to reserve? This could be anything like a tarzan rig (ooooh oh oooh) or a paracord which could make sense because you‘d enter the map via the cliff descent.

  4. You should have it where you can use flea market but only for weapons or like what would actually be sold on a black market and it has to be the mid expensive stuff but just stuff that would be actually sold on a black market

  5. Hey kev I love this you should do it like some other people and make a YouTube series of it!!! I would love to watch every one of them!! Just cut the loading screens and let them be a hour or so long would be amazing!!!!!!!!

  6. The fact that people have to impose themselves rules to play the game as it should be is pretty ridiculous IMO…
    Anyway, nice vid as always, KevinFromTheInternet

  7. NO flea and NO starting items in the inventory, basic af traders. Heck yea, this is how Tarkov should be!
    What about buying the parts for gunsmith from traders?
    Also, NO bitcoin farm?


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