try not to look challenge in FORTNITE (eyetracker)

for every time I look, $20 to charity. Write causes in the comments an I’ll pin what I donate to. AND REMEMBER #codelufu #epicpartner
with Fasffy and Crayator


💄 e.l.f. affordable makeup and skincare ➡️
🏃‍♀️ Always wearing my fav activewear ➡️
🖥️ Corsair is the best ➡️
🎤 Shure® MV7 Podcast Microphone ➡️
💻 ROG Strix G15 G513 ➡️

Kxs ➡ 🥭

🍒 Music 🍒
Music provided by Epidemic Sound

🍒 Fiverr 🍒
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32 thoughts on “try not to look challenge in FORTNITE (eyetracker)”

  1. I think you should do any cancer charity because there’s a lot of people who are fighting cancer and a lot of people who have died from cancer and there are lots of family’s who have lost loved ones because of cancer


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