Unholy Nova Rework – is it good now? – Shadowlands Shadow Priest

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20 thoughts on “Unholy Nova Rework – is it good now? – Shadowlands Shadow Priest”

  1. Okay so far so good. Still the covenant i resonate the most with, so i keep hoping unholy nova will be somewhat competetive. They just need to make it scale with our mastery/fit into our mastery.

  2. Well, I'm glad they got rid of the melee range requirement at least but I'll still likely join the Venthyr. I feel that they really should make all the abilities able to succeed in any situation like they're doing with Unholy Nova but it's a bit late for that. Although it could happen in the future for all we currently know.

  3. After playing around with the new unholy nova on beta I gotta say I really like it but I agree with you that a bit too strong single target, I did some dummy testing with it and it would usually be 3rd after DP and MB dmg on pure single target, where as mindgames was usually 4th for me. I'm more than willing to take a hit on the Single target damage of Unholy nova if only to bring it back to the AoE side of things for it.

    Again thank you for this treasure trrove of information both here and in the discord, keep up the awesome work.

  4. I'm not leaning towards UN because of the damage, it's more just because it's instant cast and would fit into the rotation easier. Now that it's a ranged ability I'm leaning towards it even more. I like Venthyr aesthetic and Door of Shadows for the mobility, but the soulbinds just don't look great to use compared to Emeni with Necrolord. 5-15% int on on a predictable 60 second cooldown seems so much more valuable than a random mini bloodlust or a random mastery buff you have to stand in. You also have to sacrifice the only other good traits on the tree if you want to use a second potency conduit. From watching raid footage, I feel like I can live without door of shadows but I don't know if I can live without the cool gravestone cloak so it's still a toss up for me haha. EDIT: If Wasteland Propriety was swapped with Soothing Shade on Theotar, I would feel better about Venthyr soulbinds but I don't like them as they are.

  5. does the unholy nova dot count towards the mastery? also why the fuck are they still doing projectiles that tanks can move out of. ever since the bfa beta blizzard does 2 steps forward and 1 step back. everything is halfassed and not thought through

  6. Personally I was likely going to end up going necrolord because I like the theme and ability. Swapping some of the power from the ST to the AoE is what I would like to see. It doesn't have to be really good at ST just decent since fundamentally it's an AoE spell. Great video I always look forward to these and hope to see more on the future as well.

  7. Doesn't seem that much of a deal that a ST UN hits for more than Mindgames. You still have to make sure the target stays up for the 15s for that and the CD is longer, seems fair.

  8. I mean, I don't know about anyone else, but at this point I WANT a one size fits all button for a covenant ability. The reasoning is pretty simple: If I'm restricted on being able to change between one or the other, which I will be, I simply want a choice that has me covered in both dungeons and raids. I don't have the luxury of making the swaps to suit my needs so this works for me. That said, I'd personally rather they ALL be one size fits all, then balanced/adjusted so that everyone can pick whatever fucking aesthetic/flavor they want. Each covenant ability being unique and niche is only a nice concept…if you can reliably and quickly swap between to suit your needs.


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