*Unlimited Legendary Drops* Outriders | Unlimited Legendary Loot Farm

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Unlimited Legendary Loot Farm for Outriders. Enjoy!

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22 thoughts on “*Unlimited Legendary Drops* Outriders | Unlimited Legendary Loot Farm”

  1. crap yeah my weapon damage is like 1st slot 302, 2nd slot 313, pistol is 280. I still have not farmed a legendary weapon. i have tier 5 world and level 7 toon. no clue why i have not farmed one yet.

  2. You know, u can start with the chest on the hill, then grab the one in the water 2nd. get the one in the tower third and travel back to crossroads to get 2 more.

  3. I have a real problem with outriders and the problem is I can't get into the game to try it.
    My friend told me I had to go to square Enix and become a member like he did then I should have no problems. So I did and linked my Facebook and xbox live to it.
    However no joy. You load up the game and everything is OK. The bird flies ect. Then you get a picture of a world and it says outriders A to start.
    In the top left hand corner it says logged in as DarkRe54per (me) so you press A and the loading symbol rotates.
    After a couple of minutes and attention message comes up saying Internet connection error cannot connect to outriders servers.
    It's been 3 days now and I still can't try it.
    Can you help or do you have any ideas?

  4. i've tried this today on several chars, have been rather unlucky. so i decided to start running the full mission from the story point before. so you have the captain to kill as well for increased chance. This was before your video was posted 😉 I believe the captain dropped me the Grim Marrow a couple of days ago. also killing the end boss before resetting if you want the combat. plus you get the other 2 chests, you can do that is you run back for the two previous.


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