Unlocking Rampart's Heirloom! – Apex Legends

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The Apex Legends Evolution collection event is here and the star of the show is Rampart’s brand new “Problem Solver” heirloom. Today, we open all 24 evolution collection event packs and show off Rampart’s new toy! Leave a like and subscribe, enjoy the video. Sponsored by EA http://x.ea.com/62490

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22 thoughts on “Unlocking Rampart's Heirloom! – Apex Legends”

  1. I 100% think hers I the best as far as bringing the characters personality into the heirloom there is also a slide punch animation that extends the top to hit the person.. but I love the trex inspect the most! Amazing job honestly

  2. Please for the love of God buff the abilities of non-movement legendsAbilities let them be faster. At the very least all of them need to be buffed one second faster for non-movement legends. the abilities for non-movement legends they need to come out faster number one balance to change needed!!! mic drop!!!! Also please

  3. Just think about get all this or get Battlefield 6 and have £50 left it's all just skin it doesn't make you play better Apex is a rip-off with the prices and your not getting my money again I'm happy with the battle pass and that's it if I could I would like a refund for £300 for the two I got In the pasts which now I regret Apex you can have your skins back lol I rather buy another game or get something in real life and before anyone says anything I have the money I just refuse to pay that much it's more then new ps5 games £150 what a joke people need to stop paying these prices so we all can get it down


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