Valheim Getting Started & Controller Guide

Valheim Getting Started & Controller Guide | Ginger Prime Gaming
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Valheim takes place in the mysterious 10th realm of reality. It’s a place so shrouded in mystery that even the gods are afraid of its existence, yet it has been bestowed upon you — and up to ten of your comrades-in-arms — to make it a paradise unto itself.

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Ginger Prime is a Video Game Channel that loves to talk about Video Games. Here you will find a focus on Multiplayer and ARPGs (Action RPGs) like PSO2 (Phantasy Star Online 2), Anthem, Outriders, Final Fantasy XIV, Diablo, Torchlight 3, and more multiplayer RPGs that I’m excited to share. This channel will focus on news and guides, so if you need any help, just let me know.

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0:00 Introduction
1:00 Controller Setup and Tips
5:00 Building & Crafting
9:00 Combat and Hunting
15:00 Getting Started First Steps
17:00 The Good Stuff


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16 thoughts on “Valheim Getting Started & Controller Guide”

  1. omg thank you so much for doing a controller guide! You're the first person who has from what I've noticed. Did you have an issue with the camera spinning though? That was my main issue. I just switched to keyboard and mouse, but I would prefer controller. Great game though! You should cover more on this game

  2. One thing I learned recently was waymarks and pings on the map. Not sure how you would do these on controller but double left clicking puts down the selected marker, right click removes it, and middle click pings a location.

  3. Nice guide GP, I was contemplating buying this game, but was not sure how the controller would function as steam shows (partial controller support), but after watching your video, will purchase it now, thank you very much my friend, and a warm welcome from Scotland..!! 🙂
    P.S – Just subbed to your channel..


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