Valheim – How To Get Wood FAST! Fine + Core Wood NO AXE!

🏹 Valheim – Get Wood Fast – Get Fine + Core Wood WITH NO AXE! 🏹

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🟡 Valheim – How To Get Bronze 🟡

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22 thoughts on “Valheim – How To Get Wood FAST! Fine + Core Wood NO AXE!”

  1. Another way to get birch is knock them down by felling beech into them. Then roll the logs back and forth against themselves and they will do damage and eventually break up. That's how I got fine wood before getting any bronze.

  2. You can also take a step back with the axe and miss your first swing in the combo. The second and third swings do more damage and are faster than normally hitting it. Im not sure if its better on stamina.

  3. You can also get fine wood from smashing those half-buried boats that are occasionally generated. I’ve only seen a few along the shore in the dark woods biome so I’m not positive in they’re biome specific.

    Also when lumberjacking, I work cutting tree uphill and roll the down in a might force more incidental damage and getting the logs to pile up really densely. Like you demonstrated you can hit multiple trees with one swing.

  4. So BEFORE using a bronze axe, you want to doooooo a bunch of stuff that relies heavily defeating the first boss, most likely sailing, USE bronze (for nails for the cart) and finding the right tree. Gotcha!

  5. A tip I do for a few hundred wood in a couple minutes is when you find those abandoned villages, build a workbench, pull out your trust hammer, and destroy the supports for the buildings. Everything falls apart and wood is left everywhere for you to pick up. If there's furniture in there you'll get a little bit of fine wood too.

  6. When chopping, start uphill. Make gravity work for you. Also, trolls are your friends. I'm so glad people are waking up to troll logging and mining. It's so ridiculously efficient. Just learn to dodge roll in place and you can guide a troll to chop and dig all the wood and copper you want. The armed trolls are even better because they miss less and hit a much wider swath of resources. You can start farming copper before you even fight eikthyr because WHO NEEDS A PICK WHEN YOU HAVE TROLLS??


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