Valheim Roadmap for 2021 Detailed as It Sells 2 Million Copies!

Valheim has detailed the 2021 roadmap just as the game passes the 2 million copies sold. For an early access survival game. That is incredible…

This game has taken the internet by storm as of late, and where I hear the usual critics finding something to complain about. With Valheim they are singing nothing but praises. Any issues pointed out are fair and easily fixed so that doesn’t give me any concern moving forward.

The updates detailed in the roadmap I think are very fair and realistic. I don’t have any reason not to trust this developer not to hit their mark.



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15 thoughts on “Valheim Roadmap for 2021 Detailed as It Sells 2 Million Copies!”

  1. Yes I like it although some sort of defence other then spikes would be nice. I've started on this by rounding up dwarves from the meadows and trapping them as thralls so when draugr come I have a garrison release and help me defend.

  2. So is the missed lands out for everyone I randomly came across one on the left side of my map and from what I heard a few days ago on YouTube the mistlands wasn't out yet

  3. Man I do hope this game comes to console! Much like Rust is hopefully this year. I’ve been itching for a new fun survival game to mess around in. Not to mention it’s surrounded by Norse Mythology which I freaking love! So far the game looks incredible and it’s just going to get bigger and better! Hell if I have to get a PC to play it, so be it lol


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