Valheim – Second Boss – The Elder – Solo Guide
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25 thoughts on “Valheim – Second Boss – The Elder – Solo Guide”

  1. I’ve been roaming the Black Forest and can’t find him anywhere, do I have to activate it to show the location like the first boss? I’ve tried clicking on the pillar but nothing happens. Cool video though man 👍

  2. Thanks a lot. I fought him from a distance and he leveled the entire forest. The ranged attack even breaks rocks but they hold up for a few hits. Only managed a win because he got stuck in water and I was able to get outside of his aggro range.

  3. I lured him back into my base; and just kept shooting him through a hole in my base window. For whatever reason, he just stood there and took it like a bitch.

  4. Fire arrows are really good when you use them in combination with other kinds of arrows. If you keep shooting fire arrows you just deal low pierce damage and reapply the burning debuff, but if you shoot one fire arrow and then swap to flint arrows, you increase your DPS significantly.
    BTW you swap arrows during combat by adding them to your hotbar and pressing their respective buttons.
    Hope this helps you or a random reader <3

  5. My solution was a slashing weapon and a bronze buckler. If you're in melee range he exclusively stomps and never sends out black tendrils. You can parry every stomp pretty easily and just keep slamming him. His melee isn't threatening, assuming you have a good shield.

  6. So many of the damn forest mobs come out and attack me during this fight. If it was as clear as shown is this video it would be cake, but I'm constantly getting pushed by trolls and others


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