VALHEIM – Things you NEED to know Part 3! – Top Tips

More and more tips and tricks. Slowly starting to get more advance and in depth as the game develops. Will be doing specific guides soon such as Smelting/Bosses/Caves. Let me know how I did, and once again THANK YOU!

Don’t forget to catch Part 2 if you haven’t already, as I am giving away a free copy of Valheim, check it out for more 🙂

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  1. Aslong as the water is not deep you can actually dive underwater to get them, just make a platform and jump off, more height more dive. allows you to grab stuff if its accidental, or if your ship broke close to shore.

  2. Items dropped in water can be recovered sometimes even if they don't float, by a hoe and "raise ground" mode. if the water is shallow enough for you to see the bottom but not shallow enough to dive and pick the items up you can raise ground around it, and then raise the middle to lift it (otherwise the physics will roll it deeper)

    Not sure about weapon damage tiers, as far as I understand the weapon is a personal preference, you can upgrade it some more than others. The more you upgrade the bigger it hits, but also a bigger repair station is required for repairing it. a max level black metal axe needs lvl 4 forge to repair.

    "The swamp is not a nice place" – Reaaaly? 😀 I thought it's just me..

  3. Bad at constructing houses like me? Just find an abandoned hut/cottage that u like. Break it down. And then build the same design back up. Great practice for construction if you are a novice player.


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