VALORANT: Agent Chamber Gameplay Ability Reveal Experience Trailer

VALORANT: Agent Chamber Gameplay Ability Reveal Experience Trailer

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Valorant is a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Riot Games. It is the first game Riot Games has developed in the genre.

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49 thoughts on “VALORANT: Agent Chamber Gameplay Ability Reveal Experience Trailer”

  1. If the Teleportation have a sound and heard by enemies then RIOT made another suck agent and gon trash like yoru tp that it's too loud….
    I rather agree if enemy only hear like a que that there's initial Tp place on that spot rather than having a sound que like yoru does when he used his tp. It sucks.

    The sheriff with Ads can be good on pistol round a 1 ghost and 2 bullets is enough given with the added feature's of ads it can easily be used. The alarm bot is good only with another sentinel agent that can be place as a second traps. So no more rushing into the site.
    This dude can't win and hold site alone he needs another support or a guy that can cover for his gameplay.

  2. I feel like chamber is going to end of having the yoru problem, where everyone is just going to try to outplay with the tp's , I feel like he is going to make a huge difference in eco rounds but i dont get the point of adding a glorified alarm bot + sage slow

  3. Everyone already calling him out as a weak sentinel, they didnt even stop to think how great his gun abilities will be on eco rounds. Potential free awp and 8 bullet sheriff that you can possibly keep on death, and that the enemies cant pick up.

  4. The problem I think is he's retake ability potential. How can he able to help teammates to retake senarios (beside gunplay ofc). Kj is better than cypher because of edge to retake potentials. Overall, he's kits are good.

  5. i thought riot said they want to keep all of their characters unique? and then they make an agent with sheriff and guardian as abilities?? alarms aren't something new either, but teleport seems okay for opping. i think he's going to be mediocre, neither too strong nor yoru v2, more a fun-chill-non-sweaty agent

  6. Very weak agent. You'd need to have really good aim to get value out of an op with 5 bullets and a sheriff with 8. Slow bots not big a deal if that's all they do. Unlike Killjoy's bot which can be paired with swarms to deal damage without exposing yourself. And his tp is basically just a slightly extended version of Omen's tp. It's slow and loud. Not to mention, people can see your tp spots and can expect where you'll be at.

  7. I don’t get the Q ability. It’s just an upgraded sheriff. It’ll be useful for 3 rounds and everyone’s gonna use phantoms and vandals and ops. It’ll be a disadvantage if u use a pistol in front of those ARs. Only useful in save rounds? It’s kinda bad.


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