VALORANT, but it's MALDING ACADEMY V3 | Subroza , Virtyy , Jasonr , Bumpaah , Wardell , Tarik

VALORANT, but it’s MALDING ACADEMY V3 | Subroza , Virtyy , Jasonr , Bumpaah , Wardell , Tarik

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Watch Most Watched Malding and Raging Clips of Valorant .

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0:00 Intro
00:08 Malding

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24 thoughts on “VALORANT, but it's MALDING ACADEMY V3 | Subroza , Virtyy , Jasonr , Bumpaah , Wardell , Tarik”

  1. im glad bumpaah gets the first clip of the vid well deserve 10/10 malder
    watching the virtyy ones hurt man he seems guenuinely in pain its not even funny to me its just fkn sad

  2. I kinda understand How virtyy feels. The other day I got 3 times in a row , I'm not even joking , 3 matches in row where I got a teammates who just afk halfway through the game. Like once in awhile is understandable but 3 times in row ???

    The worst part is in one of those game the afk guy is just afk , like he didn't disconnected out of the server he just there. Sometimes I can see his camera moving , it's like he did it on purpose. Atlrast when you DC you give orb and economy boost. Fortunately on those 3 matches every other teammates is chill and just try to play so I didn't rage as much.

    But I still think of how crazy of bad luck I have that day.

  3. NGL the first clip is an actual problem from where I am people here play like sweaty tryhards even in unrated. I was in a 1v5 situation as attacker and their Sage and KJ used their Ults just to stop me like dude I won't even do tht on ranked 😆


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