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Scranton Swing by Rod Edwin Williams

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49 thoughts on “VALORANT, but it's PRECISE GUNPLAY”

  1. I understand the run and gun in val is worse but that shit does still happen in cs just not as consistently. My first every game in cs I hit a mid-air headshot with an ak and a running headshot in the house thing (both on dust 2). Maybe I was just lucky

  2. Why are people complaining bout run and gun with automatic weapons and such. Don’t guns irl work like that? It’s just by coincidence that the opponents are in the spread of the gun. If they’re close range it’s obvious it’s going to kill you unless their arms are like spaghetti and can’t handle some recoil with their gun flinging all the way up the sky😐😐😐

  3. people always cry when they get runned and gunned by a vandal,

    meanwhile in csgo: gets an exclusive graffiti from the game by hitting jumping awp shots which is legendary.

  4. on some days you just can seem to miss and on other days they just cant seem to miss you. You will rage, you will feel defeated, you will feel like a god, you will be very confused, and you will love and hate this game.


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