VALORANT Champions 2021 – Die For You ft Grabbitz Official Music Video

VALORANT Champions – December 1 – 12. For matches and schedules visit .


38 thoughts on “VALORANT Champions 2021 – Die For You ft Grabbitz Official Music Video”

  1. Grabbitz needs more recogniton. He's one of the best artists that's alive right now and he has an upcoming album featuring his latest songs "Pigs In The Sky" and "Pain Killer", both songs are amazing

  2. Man the way this trailer depicts the lore, their purpose, and the duality that was caused by the acts of kingdom starting with the flashbacks at 0:46

    Brimstone : mostly depicted as the team leader , the trailer shows what he is protecting and the pressure of that being the leader is depicted
    at 1:08 as the fate of a planet is at stake , probably to save his daughter or something but I don't know much about the lore . also he gave his hand out for
    her was such a moving scene

    Phoenix : probably a guy who is a result of an experiment too. AGAIN I don't know much about lore but phoenix is either fighting for his future or someone I don't know.i would like to think his own

    Sage : 2:14 probably belongs from a lively(magical and life-giving powers) planet or country, kingdoms effect causing the planets life-giving essence to decay or being taken into use by kingdom resulting in the planet losing its essence.with sage breaking the barrier, the planet has lost many things but there's still something left to fight for at 2:46

    back to reality at 2:51

    also realized brim was hurt at the starting of the trailer so he wanted to diffuse the spike but sage instead gave him heal at 2:56 and went for da fight instead



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