Valorant Europe Has A Player Count Problem…. (Europe Tournaments & Matches)

Valorant Europe Has A Player Count Problem…. (Europe Tournaments & Matches)
Valorant IN Europe Is Dying – Valorant EU eSports Scene – Valorant eSports News – Eu Player Count
Valorant IS DEAD IN Europe – No Valorant Players In EU – EU Player Count – No Scrims & Matches In EU – PLEASE Note: This is regarding the EU eSports Scene, where there are no tournaments. I have been getting a lot of comments from VALORANT ex-players, however that is not the point of the video. VALORANT has a great wave ahead and im fully staying and supporting VALORANT until the end. VALORANT EU Matches are now coming up as we speak.

*EdIt* : This video is based on European Tournaments in October of 2019 so far, while Valorant is in early stages.

Valorant – European Scene Struggles Without Tournaments And Weeklies From Orgs

The global pandemic that is COVID-19 has brought about a wealth of new challenges to citizens and companies alike, with everyone attempting to find a new balance of supply and demand without erroneously killing themselves or others.

One aspect of this that consistently comes to light within esports is the need to cut tournaments into regions for the sake of ping; it’s scarcely reasonable to expect a South Korean team, for example, to be able to compete against an eastern US team on a server that is based in Dallas.

So we have the Overwatch League showing regional play within a relatively shallow pool , Counter-Strike has a massive shake-up impending whenever Europe stops playing against themselves and gets back into the stomping ground of NA CS, and we have esports around the clock in a strange parade that never ends.

Yet while some posit that the NA scene of Counter-Strike is beginning to suffer due to Valorant’s release as young players flock to be a part of the grassroots of the eventual league, an opposite reaction is occurring in Europe regarding Valorant.

There simply aren’t enough tournaments and weeklies happening to bring a new community to life.

Europe has historically been in love with Counter-Strike, and they tend to dominate in that title looking at international trophies alone. So while the west sees many shifting over to Valorant due to the current state of CS:GO, not many in Europe are entirely eager to take up a new continental hobby.

Some posit that it’s a lapse of judgement or accuracy from Riot Games in pinpointing the general lack of interested players within Europe, and others are pointing to the colossal success of Counter-Strike closing the European market by such a massive margin that Riot would see a disheartening return on whatever investment they sunk.

Whether this could bleed over into whatever league Riot envisions ultimately becoming a more NA-focused league, or if their vision simply hasn’t taken root in Europe as they have hoped, it’s an interesting (if possibly precarious) situation to find themselves in depending on what their vision for the title ultimately is, or will become.

It’s worth noting, as we apparently need to include this disclaimer every time Valorant is mentioned, that this doesn’t mean that Valorant has suddenly died off or is deemed a failure.

As is on the bin, Valorant is suffering within the European scene due to an apparent lack of interested organizations willing to funnel money into yet another esport.


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23 thoughts on “Valorant Europe Has A Player Count Problem…. (Europe Tournaments & Matches)”

  1. Don't know what u expected, every Riot's game is a bad remake of some other game. LoL is the only game that might be better than Dota and the only game that made them what they are right now.

  2. Saw some comments down regarding the player count: Valorant player count is only gonna rise . Valorant is a great game, hoever esports tournaments in Europe have been struggling as Valorant just came out. I suspect Valorant will dominate the market in next 5 years. Valorant is not a bad game in slightest, and I support RIOT to full extent.

  3. Shit game with shit graphics, boring gameplay, malicious micro transactions and I could go on. Why tf are they charging so much for skins in a global pandemic that is destroying economies around the world? Despite marketing insane gunfights this is just a game tailored for the sweaty csgo refugees and it shows in gameplay. No amount of colour and abilities can take away from how boring the gameplay is. And ofc the Android rip off graphics. Pretty sure I saw these graphics in a Chinese overwatch clone.

  4. No-one is gonna stick to see what happens to a game that basically copy pasted CS mechanics and made it worse, and literally Overwatch's/TF2 character idea's and made them look so cheap and cheesy. Then the next thing you know they added cosmetics and did a hell of a good job for the skins, but that's that. They only care about the skins so they can increase the revenue, not for their game to be good. Don't you fucking compare CS:GO or frankly any CS game to Valorant. CS is still alive and kicking cause..guess what, it was original and actually a well designed game and it goes way back. Jeez.

  5. Riot don't care enough. There's far too many crap things that people are waiting for them to fix but guess what….they're not going too. They want the game this way. They want it messy where little timmy can sprint a corner with peekers adv spraying a phantom randomly and hit the heady

  6. i played this game for a long time and I can say i'm back to csgo cuz it's not boring as valorant they take 3 months to make a battlepass and a new agent + every SoloQ u play sucks i know there is not that mush cheats like csgo but random teammates in this are not good enough i can say half of them are boosted i'm hardstuck d2 and 5 flex thing is the most boring shit ever


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