Valorant.exe / Ranked.exe

The depression is not over, but somehow I made a video – Valorant.exe / Ranked.exe
I hope u enjoy this valorant plays
Thank you

Next one Raze.exe or Reyna.exe ??

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Original Viper art by soapai

1) Awake / Eurobeat Remix

2) Inktale [Undertale AU] – “Tokyovania” NITRO Remix V2 [Remastered]

00:00 Valorant.exe
02:01 Everytime
02:06 The best rush in valorant
02:56 Valorant.exe
03:15 Omen reference
03:20 Valorant.exe
04:47 Never give up
05:36 Valorant.exe
07:47 Jojo reference
08:05 Not.exe

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49 thoughts on “Valorant.exe / Ranked.exe”

  1. You just gained a subscriber, original content and I love the memes, reminds me of when memes were HUGE back then

    keep the work up I wish to keep watching your content.

  2. can i ask you something?You be using non-pogyright free songs i guess you dont get copyrighted? Im asking cause i want to do a valorant montage too and i would like to use non-copypiright free songs..but i know yt will take out my video.Can someone answer me pls??


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