Valorant Has a Jett Problem

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Jett has been a core part of Valorant since the very beginning.

She exemplifies everything that makes Valorant different from other tactical FPS games.

But even though Jett is basically the cornerstone of the game, the community’s opinions on her can get pretty divisive.

Why? Because the things that make Jett unique actually make her broken.

Written by: Alina Sotula (@ASotula)
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22 thoughts on “Valorant Has a Jett Problem”

  1. i think they should switch her dash with her smokes as her signature ability, which would mean it would no longer be rechargeable, but she'd still have 1 a game. Maybe just remove the regenerative aspect of dash

  2. "Jett was never ment to be just another agent." just like any other agent in the game. This argument is getting kinda old. Gut the agent. btw, next episode on Sage? Kind of a problem 🙂

  3. Jett is difficult to play and only one person gets to use her. She is good for the game. People complain about balance, but Valorant will never be totally balanced, the agents do different things and some are more useful than others in different situations. Give Yoru more invulnerability frames on his E, reduce damage on raze satchel and make it cheaper so its more of a mobility tool. If you create more mobility options for other duelists people will try them out more

  4. How come one agent gets to have an infinite skill ceiling but all the other agents don't? It's extremely selfish of RIOT to keep Jett OP for the sole purpose of content and flashy plays. Make her balanced and then the flashy plays will matter more since they're on equal ground with the other agents. What's the point in a team based tactical shooter if the star plays are solo, with knives and fucking flying.
    Edit: essentially your interest shouldn't be in how you play Jett, it's how unfair you want her to be when you're up against her. BALANCE

  5. Agent pool right now is too small, maybe as more agents are released Jett will fall off due to those new agents abilities or simply filling a role better. Just like how Omen used to B one of the best agents if not the best in the game now astra simply does what he does better. Same with cypher being nerfed because of killjoy

  6. Nah, personally, I dont think “nerfing” Jett will do anything good for the game. Personally, if they’d change anything, a lot of people would stop playing, myself included. Valorant is still a fairly new game, and Jett is truly one of a kind. FOR NOW. Other movement agents will be introduced in future years and what seems “op” now won’t be in the future. I dont think Riot will touch Jett or any of the current agents, if they wanted to do such a thing they already would, they will simply introduce more Jett-like agents, special in their own way. Just my opinion tho

  7. A competitive shooter with unique abilities? What could go wrong! Cough Valorant, Overwatch, rainbow6 etc cough.

    CS has proven that everyone MUST be on a level playing field with skill and brains alone being the only difference.


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