VALORANT Masters Berlin Playoffs Bracket Draw

The wait is over! Witness #VALORANTMasters Berlin’s playoffs bracket draw. Watch the tournament live at



25 thoughts on “VALORANT Masters Berlin Playoffs Bracket Draw”

  1. why is it single elim? they didn't do that in iceland. a team could lose on a bad day and it'd all be over. what's the point of having a long qualification process just to be put in a bracket like this?

  2. Vision Strikers will probably face Gambit which will be one hell of a match.
    G2 will definitely destroy Kru with the form they are in right now
    100T will go up against SMB or Acend and that will again be a terrific matchup. The possibility of cNed vs Asuna looms at large here.
    Sentinels and ENVY will have a ferocious fight but SEN should win. If Acend defeats SMB and then defeats 100T then boy oh boy do we have TenZ vs cNed finally!!
    Overall this will be an absolute bloodbath to watch except maybe G2 vs Kru.

  3. NA might be on one side of the bracket but 100T vs Acend will be a great matchup. Gambit also looked really good until they lost a won match against 100T. So, vision strikers vs Gambit is going to be good. This is considering Acend and Gambit win against SMB and Crazy Racoon respectively.


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