VALORANT | New Agent Teaser + Act 3 Information (Icebox & New Skins)

Today we got some more information on Valorant’s Act 3 which includes info on the new map Icebox as well as new information and teases of the new Agent. We also get a brief look at the new skins from the battlepass and other things coming with the launch of Act 3.
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00:00 Intro
00:17 New Map
01:36 New Map Features
02:04 Map & Agent Release Times
03:36 New Agent Teasers
04:12 New Agent Speculation
05:33 Skins & Cosmetics
06:15 Patch Schedule
08:28 Map / Agent Hype?
09:24 Outro

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31 thoughts on “VALORANT | New Agent Teaser + Act 3 Information (Icebox & New Skins)”

  1. Skye is gonna be overpowered.
    she's like sage, breach and sova all in one. her bird drone is sovas owl drone and breaches flash but controlled. her wolf is razes boombots and sovas drone combined. her healing is an AOE heal. her ultimate is literally sova recon but way stronger

  2. All the game needs now are agent skins. Like not tryna be that one fortnite fanboy (because im not), but i feel like it would bring a lot kore variety to the game

  3. I’m happy their moving the map up. The fact that we don’t get a new map every act or every other act is surprising. And the more maps added, the lower that chance I get Haven


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