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♫ Musics
Music 1: Kevin MacLeod: Mechanolith

Music 2: Mario Kart Wii – Coconut Mall [Remix]

Music 3: Tekken 6 Music – Yodeling In Meadow Hill (Hidden Retreat)

Music 4: Honeycomb Highway – Sonic Lost World [OST]

Music 5: Angry Birds Theme [NoteBlock Remix]

Music 6: Super Mario Odyssey – Jump Up, Super Star! [Remix]


38 thoughts on “VALORANT : WTF & FUNNY MOMENTS (PATCH 4.0)”

  1. 12:11 that is not cool bro one of my teammates inta locked jett and when we told him to entry he just took the spike and not plant. he was also telling our location to the enemies and after we die he also did this shit with them which was irritating. this all happened in a competitive match. I could have ranked up if that fool played with the team. I reported him but that is also of no use.


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