Valorant’s WORST Agent vs RADIANTS

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The latest Yoru buff in Valorant was honestly a pretty good one. It gives him the opportunity to perform some insane outplays, and just generally be more viable inside ranked queue. Add the buffs to the newest map Breeze and he honestly becomes an A-tier pick, when before he was hated by almost all. If you want to learn how to play Yoru, I post guides as often as I can, so hopefully, you enjoy those, I also post a lot of Yoru Outplay highlights/montages if that’s also something you are interested in. Thanks for takin the time to read/watch, enjoy the rest of your day.

I do not own any songs used in this video, this video is meant for entertainment purposes only.


44 thoughts on “Valorant’s WORST Agent vs RADIANTS”

  1. I like your yoru w/ notes, thats why im doing good while playing yoru too ur so sick! Yoru is op when someone like you is using it. Even though many people doesn't like yoru, keep it up doing yoru montage.

  2. Hey ziptie, serious question. How are you able to handle toxicity sometimes. I’ve maimed Yoru since he launched and I’ve had the most fun with him out of any agent, but when ever I’m in comp I feel a lot of extra pressure on me and it effects the way I play. Just the agent select alone is enough to pressure me cause almost everytime someone calls out me picking Yoru, and everytime we lost a round it’s like all the fingers point at me just cause I’m Yoru. I’ve honestly been considering playing jett again just because, but I don’t wanna dip on Yoru like that. Do you have any advice?


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