Vel'Koz Visual Effect Update Comparison – All Skins | League Of Legends

VelKoz’s skins got a VFX update, heres a comparison of them new vs old.
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00:00 Classic Vel’Koz
01:07 Battlecast Vel’Koz
02:09 Arclight Vel’Koz
03:12 Definitely Not Vel’Koz, 100% the new void champion.
04:15 Infernal Vel’Koz – Minor Tweaks
05:17 Blackfrost Vel’Koz – Minor Tweaks


43 thoughts on “Vel'Koz Visual Effect Update Comparison – All Skins | League Of Legends”

  1. Overall these definitely look better tho I have to ask why velkoz? There’s much worse and while some parts of his kit were showing some age they definitely weren’t notable

  2. I guess the new W effects are more… in line with modern League aesthetics, but I feel like they lost that… horrifying, dreaded, sinking feeling the classic had.

    Edit: But credit is definitely due for the much clearer twin missiles from the Q and raised crater from the E.

  3. Well autos and ult feel like they stepped down. Pausing the vid just showed that they went on reducing the visuals of the autos to some boring state and the ult gets a weird aura on a lazer that feels less condensed now, and as w and e look re4ally good, they don't match with the autos but with the weird new ult

  4. Shoutout to riot for giving some love to the space squid. Its a nice revamp, Q and E are awesome, same for ult, but W is a bit underwhelming, looks a bit too much like blackfrost. But all in all im happy


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