Video Game Battle Stickman drawing

Um hi this is going to be my official YouTube channel I have had a lot of YouTube channels but they were really bad and I didn’t know what was doing at all and I was using my mom‘s freaking YouTube account which is so dumb but I was and she like completely erased the whole account and I had to do tons of stuff. I completely ignored the idea of making a YouTube channel until now, I made an account a few days ago and I didn’t really do anything with that I just like you know subscribed to YouTubers that I liked, you know like in comments and stuff but then I decided to make a YouTube video and this is just the description of a YouTube video right now and yeah I just wanted to say a hello YouTube I am not new to this but at the same time I am trying to start fresh. Well that is all I have to say, stay safe and god bless 👋🏾


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