Video Game Pickups (Spring 2021) – GAMES GALORE! CLICKBAIT?

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Hey everybody! Welcome to a special, lengthy spring edition of my YouTube show, Video Game Pickups. Big episode; CLICKBAITY episode. Lots of Nintendo Switch, lots of games in general. Some birthday gifts, some Amiibo too! From Bravely Default 2 and Turrican, to Immortals Fenyx Rising and Cyberpunk 2077. From Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, to Xbox One and PlayStation Portable (PSP). I will also give you my thoughts on Monster Hunter Rise. A little bit of something for everyone. Join me for the next 40+ minutes. And if you play Monster Hunter Rise, don’t forget to add me on Switch (below). Let’s go hunting!

Spring Update 2021 Video (Bravely Default 2 Review):


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