Village Defense And Maximum House Upgrade In Medieval Dynasty Part 13

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28 thoughts on “Village Defense And Maximum House Upgrade In Medieval Dynasty Part 13”

  1. We are starting to work on our Village defenses and upgrade our house fully for maximum heat 🙂 We also have a look at using farms for paths and check some crafts for linen you guys suggested.

  2. I am loving how your village is coming out 🙂 I am hoping the devs bring out some 'clutter items' to scatter around the place, decorative pieces, to make things look lived in. Roads, including pathways. Dirt paths, dirt roads; stone paths, stone roads. Gutters.
    Some terraforming, although I wonder if that is actually a limit by the engine itself as many games I see that are similar built on the same sort of engine can't (don't) have terraforming.

    There is so much that can be done, it all seems … inspiring 😀 If not a daily grind though. I understand they want to balance economies etc, however it is single player, so where is the harm in boosting some of the RNG & rewards . ugh.

  3. Hey Kickz. I was recently told that certain items sell higher in certain seasons. For example what I was told is that anything fur (fur boots, fur hat etc.) sells for full 300 gold full in Autumn Season. And in spring I cant recall what item was financially boosted, I think food? Can you explore maybe if seasons seem to warrant more gold in certain seasons.

  4. The problem with plowing fields and making them paths is that when you get to the next season, the field will no longer be plowed. It changes back to unplowed when you don't plant anything. I found this out when I plowed some plots and thought certain seeds I'd be able to plant in that season but was unable. The next season those plots were unploughed. I haven't gotten as far as to having workers so I'm not sure if they'll start working on those "paths".

  5. Sadly most crafted items atm are not worth selling, most of the tailor made items sell for less then the components put into them would sell for the only advantage is the output items are way lighter aka 32 leather that weighs like 8kgs turns in a pair about boots that weigh under a kg.

    Iron arrows>Iron hammer>Potage>Torches>Throwing rocks

    Iron arrows are the best due to their 0.01 weight aka 100 to a kg (700 gold per kg) the only downside is never have the ai make them as they will take your 10 iron & sticks and give you 1 single arrow in return.
    Iron hammer is same margin as arrows but much heavier but the ai can make these for you just fine (46 gold per kg)
    Potage is stupid good due to cabbage crops yielding so much cabbage (28 gold per kg)
    Torches are the second best ai crafting item i have found (17 gold per kg)
    Throwing rocks are an underrated early game item as you turn 1 rock worth 1 gold into 5 throwing rocks that sell for 2 gold each but yet they still weigh a total of 1 kg (10 gold per kg)

  6. Considering that you can make enough money from just selling berries, surely it’s better to craft all of the stuff for the xp and then sell it for the same profit? Money doesn’t seem to be an issue over levelling.

  7. i think its to give you time to get the supplies you need or a chance to destroy and up grade it with new supplies is why they wait till its 50% damaged also so you wont spend all your time repairing.


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