Voice Acting as Monsters (Troy in The Medium) & Video Game Physics | Play, Watch, Listen ep. 49

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26 thoughts on “Voice Acting as Monsters (Troy in The Medium) & Video Game Physics | Play, Watch, Listen ep. 49”

  1. I personally think Tenet is in the middle of Nolans films. If you don't watch Tenet at least twice, it doesn't work. You experience the film as the characters perspectives. First viewing is meant as an experience "just feel it." Then the second time through you know what to expect so you're much more aware and attentive. Lastly, Debicki is just very ethereal, reminds me of cate Blanchetts presence. I think Debicki should play Samus if we get a live action metroid film.

  2. Life is weird. Can't help but feel like there's a whole lot of stuff going on behind the curtain so maybe I'm delusional but sometimes the conversational topics in the content curated toward me feels like it's taken right out of my life. The hyper specificity is unquestionable to me, definitely not just patterns in static.

  3. 15:50 Related to this, while I don't know about PTSD cases caused by VR experiences, I do know there are plenty of cases where people have gotten PTSD from stories (normally soldiers sharing traumatic stories with each other) and people who have the job of removing illegal content from websites (such as people who's job it is to remove child abuse videos, or videos of people being killed from Facebook and other sites) who get PTSD from the exposure to horrible things even though they themselves were not physically present for them.

    Granted, in those cases it may be the case that PTSD develops due to the lack of medical care for those people (The people who clean the filth from the internet get absolutely no benefits, and real low pay for example).


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