VS PINKIE PIE IS BACK… with DISCORD??! | Friday Night Funkin' [FUNKIN' IS MAGIC]

Friday Night Funkin FUNKIN’ IS MAGIC Gameplay

Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot girlfriend, but her MEAN and EVIL dad is trying to HURT you! He’s an ex-rockstar, the only way to get to his heart? The power of music…
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35 thoughts on “VS PINKIE PIE IS BACK… with DISCORD??! | Friday Night Funkin' [FUNKIN' IS MAGIC]”

  1. Hey Nenaa when you say that you’re bad at Friday night Funkin I just say no no you’re better than me like 10 times better than me and I just want you to know that you’re an amazing person I subscribed to you because you look pretty and you’re really good at Friday night Funkin and the other people that are reading this know that you’re an amazing person too!

  2. looking glass is based off a mlp creepypasta named story of the blanks created in 2011, it was made for a mlp creepypasta contest on equestria daily and was the winner, it’s an 8-bit style game where you play as applebloom where her and twilight go into the everfree forest but applebloom ends up getting lost and wanders into a town named sunny town which is full of blankflanks (ponies without cutie marks) and it blatantly apparent something is not quite right about this town, i would say more but that’d spoil the game and i’d like to see you play it if it’s still up n running

  3. This is basically her cousins of the yellow one is so she turn evil he got bullied back where she live she came to visit so and she joined the worst enemies side which was Tiara and the seller girl if Bethany's and so yeah that's what's happening and he and she's claiming the Dreamhouse cuz she turn bad

  4. I like how the 2nd song has the Ponies in the background change their vibing with the music.
    13:13 I was waiting for this part to see your reaction. He switched it on you. Sweet reaction lol!
    15:41 Here we go Nenaa! My favorite song of this mod! Good luck hee hee!
    17:30 HERE WE GO NENAA! Hyper Psycho Pi time!
    17:42 "No please! NO NO NO NO I'm NOT doing this with you. No!" / "Freak!" / " WHAAAAAT!? " LOL!

    I don't know if people told you (probably did already) but click on Trixie to change BF and GF to ponies. The dialogue gets changed a bit and there's an additional ending when beating Discord in pony form.

    By the way if you were getting complaints about censoring the words, probably best to just leave it as it is.

    I know you censor yourself to be kid / family friendly but FNF wasn't meant to be a kids game and unless the full game they have a censor option or certain mod creators have a censor option or try to be kid friendly, maybe leave the words and the voices alone so you don't have to work yourself more.

    I didn't know you were getting complaints (I haven't been to your channel in a while due to stuff). I don't care what you do as long as you are ok with your decision. Your channel. Some people you gonna please and some you won't.

    Unless there's a middle ground, try to go with the majority of your subbers I would say. Not sure if my opinion helps your decision.

    If you really want to know my input…well I'm a little against censoring but that's only for Anime, Shows and Video Games. I like the original stuff most of the time.

  5. That pony making the sound with her lips is Scruball, the daughter of discord. She is by Disneyfanatic in a series called the daughter of discord. Also great video as always.

  6. The pink and gray foals are Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon respectively. Orange earth foal was Babs Seed. Only made less than 10 appearances throughout the whole series. Shame, I thought she was cool.

  7. The miss about Pinkie Pie, all of these of smile smile smile! Fill My Heart With Sunshine Sunshine! All I Want Is Smile smile smile! All My Friends Of Mineeee!!!! Remember when it turns black screen and some lights right? Pls trust me I'm not lying

  8. There is a new I don't know if you know the old show jenny but it's a robot girl and that's all I know XD just make sure to play it you don't want to miss it I saw a short clip of the mod 😜 sooooo don't miss it…


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