VS. Sonic.exe/ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION OST – Malediction

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You might be wondering, why the hell am I re-uploading Malediction?

Simple reason is with the original video being pulled from public viewership, I asked Kenji if they would like for me to re-post this under my account.
They agreed, and here we are now.

This is a scrapped song from the VS.Sonic.exe Mod; it will be reused for ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION, as Curse is a featured EXE there.

Curse belongs to Kenji Grimm and averyavary (me):

Curse in the VS. Sonic.exe Logo was done by Kenji Grimm.

Curse in the ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION Logo was done by Silasisbarking:

Thumbnail by me.

Curse VA:

Song Composed by bbpanzu and UpTaunt:

Voices/Inst: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QrIp3PquD1UEwhfMRaJ4p5r6Kt1gL_yG?usp=sharing
Curse Chromatic: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NrIB_Ovrcg4eZxLwkz9C4dj2HIVa8zlj/view

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34 thoughts on “VS. Sonic.exe/ILLEGAL INSTRUCTION OST – Malediction”

  1. For anyone wondering: Yes, you can still do fanmade things with Malediction. I provided the Inst/Vocals/Chromatic in the description. I am only reuploading this as the original is not up for public viewership and have Kenji's permission to reupload the song for the public.

    I encourage fanmade works and hope to see new interpretations of Curse/Malediction!


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