Vs Sonic.exe V4.5 Restored Only New | Friday Night Funkin'

Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Sonic.exe Futagami Restored showcase!
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Sonic.exe Timestamps:
00:00 – Animation Preview
00:04 – Intro
00:14 – Manual Blast
01:15 – Hog transformation
01:44 – Scorched
05:58 – Glitch part
07:11 – You can’t run encore
08:08 – Pixel part
08:36 – Sonic mad
10:43 – Triple Trouble Encore
10:45 – Tails part
12:31 – Xenophanes 1st
12:57 – Knuckles part
14:42 – Xenophanes 2nd
15:35 – Eggman part
17:34 – Xenophanes 3rd
19:23 – Amy Rose part
21:07 – Xenophanes 4th
21:53 – Shadow part
23:29 – Xenophanes 5th
24:10 – Tails
24:31 – Knuckles
24:41 – Eggman
24:52 – Amy Rose
25:02 – Shadow
25:12 – Xenophanes finale
25:51 – Malediction
26:20 – Eggmanexe
28:35 – Burning
31:34 – Her world
33:53 – Forestall Desire
35:27 – Shadow part
36:28 – Requital transformation
36:50 – Outro

Credits (If I forgot to credit someone, tell me in the comments)
Build by Sonic.exe team andFutagami:
You Can’t Run Encore by SimplyCrispy, Saster, MarStarBro and KGBepis:
Coding by Jackie and Futagami
SimplyCrispy: https://www.youtube.com/SimplyCrispy
Saster: https://www.youtube.com/SasterSub0ru
MarStarBro: https://www.youtube.com/MarStarBro
KGBepis: https://www.youtube.com/kgbepis9508
Hog by Jack Gore:
Manual Blast song by churgney gurgney:
Triple Trouble encore by Smash Bandicoot:
You can’t run artwork:
Burning sprites by
Just_Javi, Bleiser, Commit

Friday Night Funkin’ game:

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39 thoughts on “Vs Sonic.exe V4.5 Restored Only New | Friday Night Funkin'”

  1. I am disappointed whit this "update", i mean, i am aware that its a cancelled build, but it feel like it dosnt have anything new, i think that one of the only good thing this thing have is the polishing of old things especially in song like burning or goddess and some small details like pixel bf does not have the devoid icon anymore , and god the triple trouble remix is….(no offence to the original composer), i hope that the mod improve now that futagami is no longr in the team

  2. Let me give my honest opinion about this:

    This sucks ass.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea, but the dev(s) executed it HORRIBLY. So much is wrong with this mod.

    Triple Trouble has many issues, such as Tails being too high pitched, Knuckles is quite literally just echoed screaming, and Amy's sprites are stolen, I'm pretty sure. Oh, and Xenophane's mouth doesn't even move.

    Forestall Desire's camera doesn't move to Tails' (I'm assuming it's Tails) transformation, so we can't see shit regarding his "new form". It's minor, but annoying.

    Oh, and Manual Blast… Boy, I hate this one. Hog's transformation is lazy as hell, with only about 2 or 3 frames per transformation segment, and the sprite's transition into the actual Scorched doesn't fit at all. The outlines on the final part of the transformation before Scorched does NOT fit Scorched himself.

    And yes, I know, it's probably unfinished, but I'm not sure it's gonna turn out good even when it's done. Don't scream at me and say "IT'S UNFINISHED, IT'S GONNA CHANGE, YOU'RE JUST MAD BECAUSE IT ISN'T GOOD NOW!!!"

  3. Really I'm gonna be honest
    I dotn hate it.
    I dont dislike it.
    I like it.
    I dont know.
    But I find this entertaining to watch, HOWEVER
    Triple trouble encore is kinda bad

  4. honestly it really wasnt very good, they took other peoples sprites instead of creating their own which ig is fine but they also didnt line up xeno right, some icons wernt made or changed in tt, and i get that forestall desire wasnt finished, but could they not make pico shoot bf? idk not that good in my opinion but great vid

  5. You know what? Not alot of people like this canned build, but Im fine with it! People are beating the devs up for "trash content" and how they could've done better. But unlike some people Im not a twitter user and I respect peoples work. This is good for a canned build and they did a good job at the stuff thats new! Dont be like some people and say its bad.

  6. The only things I like about this mod is the hog boyfriend, and you can’t run encore.

    Triple trouble encore remix isn’t that decent or neither good.

    Malediction, burning, forestall desire, her world aren’t that great as well since they’re mostly the same concept.

    Such as burning and forestall desire mostly while the other two aren’t that special that much.

    3/10 is how I would rate this restoration of the mod.

  7. Ok I know Sonic.Mid already said it but just. All of every Triple Trouble remix I heard why put Bandicoot's one, it's literally horrible Tails is too high pitched , Xeno's vocals are decent then we have Knuckles that is nothing but screaming literally the only good thing about this restored shit is YCR encore.


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