Waffle’s Village diary April 12 2021


Eddie had special nomnoms again this morning, it was lettuce, chick crumb, and sliced nomnomnana. She is still eggstremely sick and thin, but still henjoys lots of nomnoms and let’s face it, is there anyhen who wouldn’t henjoy the feasts she gets?

Out in The Village it was just a lettuce launch and our favourite mash in the red feeders that Hoomin had refilled for everyhen before sleeps time yesterday. Poppet was eggcited to see Hoomin and told her about how nice it was sleeping on the bedding in the cosy coop with me.

While the red feeders were surrounded by Village hustle and bustle, the newer sisters stepped away and decided to focus on henjoying the green nomnoms that sleeps time had made them leave last night. For all of their before lives they never saw green nomnoms and didn’t even know it eggsisted, but now, now they can’t keep their beaks out of it! Hoomin has henstalled special growing cages in The Village you know, one with dandelion and one with plantain, and when they’re ready everyhen will be able to peck at henny leaves that grow out of them.

Supper time arrived along with Hoomin, or did Hoomin arriving make it supper time, can anyhen say? Whatever the cause, it was supper time and everyhen was eggcited about it and did everything possible to hencourage Hoomin to dance her way to the scratch and dig area where mixed corn and fat balls were served.

Since they came to live in The Village all of my newer sisters are feeling heavier and this seems to be pleasing to Hoomin, but I’m not sure I understand as when I feel heavier, it is anything but pleasing to her. How confuseHen that is to me. There’s new feathers too though, and that is always a good thing for everyhen.

After supper it was Buddy’s turn to dance with anyhen and everyhen he could. He danced with Allsorts, he danced with Poppet, and he tried to dance with Silver but she told him to cluck off and walked away.

Poppet didn’t want to share the bedding with me for sleeps time tonight, I eggspect it’s something to do with when Buddy made her dance as she didn’t seem at all henpressed by it. I hope she comes to share the bedding with me again soon, and henvites the rest of those newer sisters too.


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