Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Iron Warriors vs Tallarn 2000pts

It’s a classic match up with Bone and Beard as these old foes clash over the deserts sands!

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The Army Lists are: 

Iron Warriors 

++ Eaten by Grotty ++


++ Eaten by Grotty ++


27 thoughts on “Warhammer 40,000 Battle Report: Iron Warriors vs Tallarn 2000pts”

  1. Loving the new format and really appreciate all the work you're putting in! A cherry on top would be if you guys could give small descriptions of what the secondary objectives are when you show them at the beginning of the game? Especially with the new codices I'm not always sure what these are. Thanks and much love!

  2. You Guys not getting on the broken community polls. I both respect this but also want as many people as possible to be directed to your awesome content. Apologies if you have already heard about this 1000 times. Spiffingbrit did a break youtube video if no one has sent this to you! #spidertactica please

  3. Wait why did you guys stopped doing the recap of which units died at the end of each phase? That was the most important one!

    Will this feature return please? :c I legit dont care about anything else I beg you.

  4. What happened to the new format that had Lawrence/ an extra person filming the games? I really liked it and it made the game flow faster it felt like while keeping all the good parts of your battle reports.


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