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Hello YouTube I am Slush. I once used to make videos a lot but I decided to quit making them because I didn’t have the right equipment to make them. Now almost 2 years later I have the equipment to finally make streams and videos again and I am glad to finally begin to produce content again!! I plan on making a lot of content for all of you
majority of it hopefully should be streams and occasionally videos. I hope to play a variety of games especially playing on the GTA Role Play server I am in called CVCRP
if you are interested in joining it feel free to click the link to it further down in the description!! Anyways thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this and I hope you enjoy my content!!

Instagram: slush_10
TikTok: Slush10_
Discord: Slush10 4975
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/3wNWKk9


Want to join an amazing RP server that has an amazing staff team and an amazing community and amazing RP’s? Well this server is just for you!! If you have any questions regarding the community feel free to message myself!


Thank you for the support lately as well and I appreciate it a lot and if you have questions DM me on Instagram or Discord!!

#Warzone #CallofDuty


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