Warzone Hackers Now ENDING Games

If Warzone hacking wasn’t bad enough, now hackers can simply end the games whenever they want, at least it gives everyone the win.

#Warzone #CallofDuty
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22 thoughts on “Warzone Hackers Now ENDING Games”

  1. HAHAHAA what a terrible broken -ass; unregulated piece of IP … just stop playing guys… its done and they don't value their customers. stop giving them money …. maybe that will get them moving.
    doc says this on about every stream, How terrible the game is and how it hasn't gotten any better. sad

  2. Idk why people still play that game, they don't care about the hackers, they care about your money obviously coming out with skin packs every other day. So pathetic!

  3. I sill don’t get how this is a hack? It happened to me months ago! Is it not just a bug!?
    Either way, everyone stop buying bundles thats where their money comes from!! Money talks!


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