WEEK 7 IS HERE & TANK-MAN IS AMAZING! | Friday Night Funkin'

Welcome back to Friday Night Funkin’ so just after I played FNF yesterday, OF-COURSE WEEK 7 DROPS. This is an incredible week which has more than just an additional week added. The full-game has plans to feature over 20 weeks which is insane. Enjoy the video!

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22 thoughts on “WEEK 7 IS HERE & TANK-MAN IS AMAZING! | Friday Night Funkin'”

  1. Ryan in case you didn’t know the reason why tank man said “shouldn’t you be shooting up a school or something?” Is because on new grounds a game called picos school took place on well, new grounds.

    Edit: if you already know then um nvm

  2. Ryan, since week 7 dropped I've seen lots of people already covering this, but I haven't watched any and I waited for your vid to be the first of w7 I saw and It was so worth it. 😀


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