WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT HERE | FNF – Technicolor Tussle – Happytime & Apfel Cover (Electro Remix)

Thanks to @moongong. for letting me use Happytime! AND for remastering Apfel’s sprites! Go subscribe to this legend!
And thanks to @Zenchi5501 for the Apfel icons!

(expect some fansongs with Happytime btw)

Hehe! FINALLY DECIDED to go back to Indie Cross! I was messing around in some of my codes and found out a neat trick I can do using tweens! So I decided to look into a song I forgot about in order to start, and I found Technicolor Tussle was perfect! So I gathered my stuff and did a metal cover!

Technicolor Tussle composed by BLVKAROT:

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Hey, hoped you liked the song, I’ve dedicated myself to doing these and I’m determined to continue

I began making music when I stumbled across other remixers (SharaX, RetroSpecter, Kamex, and Nick Nitro) who I admire a lot and wish to become like them and that’s why I’ve decided to begin making music.

I know I’m not as good now but I’ll keep going until I am!

If you like my music, feel free to download it!

Once downloaded you can use it for background music, intros, or outros. Technically, you can use it for your videos.

On the other hand, you cannot use my content in such a way that isn’t reframing (changed completely)
You can’t use my music claiming it was you who made it because I’ll have to ‘hand in a complaint.


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