What if Fortnite Seasons were a Family?

Every few months Fortnite has a huge update that brings a new season of the game. These seasons are usually very different from each other and bring tons of new collabs and skins. So I decided to make a series exploring the idea: What if Fortnite Seasons were a Family?

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33 thoughts on “What if Fortnite Seasons were a Family?”

  1. Season 1: wait…. what’s a 90? I thought myths towers and castles was still the pro strat.

    Season 2: wait….. towers and castles are our thing we have knights even though we have no castle poi…..

    Season 3: you know what’s taller than a castle and a tower? Space….. I bet John wick would look so good on a space tv.

    Season 4: if you are gonna watch anything on a space tv it would have to be a superhero movie not a guy killing another guy with a pencil because they killed his dog.

    Season 5: in the Chinese government we watch lord of the rings in space.

    Season 6: what’s all this about space…. that’s so dumb let’s talk about favourite holidays mine is Halloween since it’s the only good one and if anyone says otherwise they are wrong.

    Season 7: bro…… Halloween is just costumes and candy….. Christmas is about snow, family and presents.

    Season 8: GO BANANA!

    Season 9:….. did you just throw a banana at me?……. actually this would make a good smoothie thanks wait….. season 3 did you copy me!

    Season x: hey check out this black hole I can make!

    All other chapter 1 seasons: NO!


    Chapter 2 (very far down because to a lot of fortnite kids it felt like an eternity them 3 days)

    C1Season1:…… wow why does everything look new and ugly…..

    C2season1: hey! Shut up you forgot to add that I’m boring as well.

    C2season2: James Bond is the best movie ever….. so is cats and by combining them I cared the season.

    C2season3: hello I am underwater plz help me…..

    C1season4: wait who the hell are you my copy but doesn’t look like it’s from wish?

    C2season4: exactly marvel makes everything better.

    C2season5: dude you litteraly covered your season with superpowers that were op also your my bounty so your dead now.

    C2season6: hi welcome to Jurassic park.

    C2season7: aliens are so much cooler than dinosaurs.

    C2season8: no anime is cooler…… also blowing you all up with giant cubes that make a black hole again.

    SeasonX: that’s a perfect idea.


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