WHAT IS THIS MOD?! VTuber Reacts to FNF VS The Blueball Incident ~Full Week FNF Mods

Today I reacted to the FNF VS The Blueball incident mod involving the troll face trollge full week for Friday Night Funkin. (fnf mods vtuber reaction) The songs for the Blueballs Incident mod OST are called Sadness, Rage, Incident and Redemption. The Blueballs incident mod features Trollge with has voice acting and animations. It also has a glitchy effect, and I like that it was based off of SCP foundation lore as well.I loved the trollge mod so much, and I hope you enjoyed the reaction because the troller of everything has returned… but in a spooky way. The fnf trolling mods have been making a comeback so it was interesting to see how the main focus was on boyfriend and girlfriend from the Blueballs Incident. Although I could not play this mod perfect, I hope you enjoyed my reaction to the FNF Blueballs Incident Mod! Take care!
~Kikyo Berry


Link to mod: https://gamebanana.com/mods/293462

Link to Retrospecter songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QLbZrcDFo0&list=RDEMEf2mvkQ_mLHHW-pSsfLfoA&start_radio=1

Link to my Twitter: https://twitter.com/KikyoBerry

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45 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS MOD?! VTuber Reacts to FNF VS The Blueball Incident ~Full Week FNF Mods”

  1. Hey kikyo just letting you know this is a prequel to another mod continuing from this mod it's called the troll face mod go check it out to find some if the lore in his mod

  2. O great Kikyo,
    I have a two grand requests:
    1. a Kikyo Berry Official Discord Server to emphasize your greatness
    2. If you could perhaps try Genshin Impact or Kingdom Hearts

  3. Ive said this on the mod page but…
    Finally a good trollage mod!
    (I mean it makes sense for the trollage mods to be low quality Shitposts because the trollage itself is but still)
    Also ye its a more ironic type of media similar to the SCP foundation or Creepypasta…although sometimes the trollage wiki wants to take itself way too seriously ;-;

    Oh btw ye I've had sweet tea it's lovely!

  4. I love whatever make this mod it is very amazing! It kinda sad but beautiful. I like their art style of boyfriend and girlfriend! Thank you kikyo for playing mods it make me happier!

  5. Watch the first trollge incident for some insight on this mod and How to trollge your best friend for insight on "Him" possibly
    The first trollge incident – Just a little trolling
    How to trollge your best friend – The smiler

  6. A lot of YouTubers don’t know what trollge is and very classic and scary meme (if it scares you not for me) it’s like dark tutorials sometimes
    P.S. at 9:29 I think he pretty much kills you when your bar goes all the way down


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