what it's like to own every single HEIRLOOM (2022 Edition – Apex Legends)

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►I have every heirloom in Apex Legends 2022 edition.

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35 thoughts on “what it's like to own every single HEIRLOOM (2022 Edition – Apex Legends)”

  1. Boom said Pathfinder's has the best animations. Good Sir don't you mean animation because it only has 1? Honestly they need to add more animations to Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, Pathfinder, and Octane's. Mirage was when they started stepping it up.

  2. I have been playing since season 0 took a break and came back in season 4 and been playing none stop since and on the 3rd of 2022 on my birthday I got my first heirloom shards from a random pack 🥺💕

  3. How long did it actually take to get all these wins? If that was an afternoon session… well what more proof does Respawn need that pre-made teams are a huge advantage and the matchmaking needs to better reflect that (and be better in general). I'm lucky to get one win in a dozen games with random teammates.

  4. I got Kunai at 500 apex pack opening but I didn’t buy any just a 1500 apex coins and been riding on that one that since apex came out but I stopped playing around season 8 it kinda felt repetitive but I still watch apex from time to time


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