What's the deal with Lissandra? || character review (League of Legends) [CC]

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The Ice Witch of the Freljord began her life in League of Legends as little more than a one-dimensional villain looking for world domination. But over the years, she has become so much more…

0:00 Intro
1:01 The Lore
9:56 Character Design
16:36 Animation
25:02 The Future
32:51 In Conclusion

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24 thoughts on “What's the deal with Lissandra? || character review (League of Legends) [CC]”

  1. okay, lissandrais oneof my favorite champions in like every way, story, character, aestectic, gameplay, just everything. And let me just say the "backless" dress idea should ABSOLUTELY be done. i understand why companies especially big corporations dont take ideasfom the community very often if ever. and as much as I prefer your and subjectivlies & many others designs and ideasfor league champs ive resighnedmyselef to knowing none will really ever be implemented. BUT OMG the backless dress idea should be. In the sameway they did a cute little update to ashe and chanedsome voice lines and "responded to you" lol, they should do a tiny model update for her in which they make that small change. Anyways keep up the amazing work Skyen! <3

  2. I hope 2022 will be more about the void, much like the ruination this year, and that Lissandra actually comes in contact with Zilean, and Nami finally finds Diana to keep away the underwater void rift

  3. You wouldnt be able to see the open back design well because of her hair and the general angle you view her. You mostly view her from a distance from the front with her back hidden. Without the white cleavage, she would look like a black jagged pillar from the front (when viewed from a distance). The white adds contrast that adds to her design.

  4. I started playing League when she was launched and I rushed to get her cuz she is pure character perfection. When I started I thought she was a boss, and I couldn't wait to beat her, but after I learned what League was, I proceeded to get her along LeBlanc and they're my favorites since then

  5. I don't know if it's just me that gets the feeling of kinship towards some champions but since she came out, I've loved her lore, her design, her statuesque figure, the power she exudes. It's beautiful.
    Perhaps it's the gay in me; the cliché of being attracted to to strong, powererful, beautiful women.

    Thank you for making this. It's really well done and satisfying to watch. 🙂

  6. The obvious end to Lissandra is as a boss in a raid where defeating her frees the watchers forcing a group of 15-40 people to defeat them in her place for some sweet ice themed loot.

  7. she cant already move her back and you want design have a open back that back is already freezed without the open back myb lissandra try ed that open back and got freezed open back


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