When Feeding Enemies is What Gets You Fed in League of Legends

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32 thoughts on “When Feeding Enemies is What Gets You Fed in League of Legends”

  1. yeah, what seems to be happening this season is all the new burst/lethality items combined with dark harvest are compensating for how weak some champs kits are. And then on the strong champs it's just straight busted. Overall, in solo que where you can't rely on your team to peel or protect your fragile ass like the delicate needs to be nurtured flower it is – and why would they when there's 10 mid or top lane champs that'll do the same as you for less babysitting? – eclipse is just the best item to have because it gives you burst and survivability and dark harvest scales into late game so you can overcome a bad start.

  2. The original “feed to win” team comp utilized old Mordekaiser and old Yorick.

    Feed enemy ADC a fuck ton, hard focus 5 man dive that adc in team fight. Have Morde ult them to get a very strong ghost. Have Yorick ult that ghost to duplicate it. Boom, your team now has 2 hyperfed adc ghosts to carry you.

  3. when any smart content creator wouldn't run shit old runes and builds on a smart champ who can DOUBLE STACK SHEILD FOR MANA on cdr buuuuuuuutttt youre tooo
    "advanced" ny nuilding lethality on everything a year too late NICE


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