When Real Life Has Better Customization Than Cyberpunk 2077

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I am a POC. No, really, I am.

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35 thoughts on “When Real Life Has Better Customization Than Cyberpunk 2077”

  1. This is gonna backfire like a MOFO!
    Democrats are okay with this identity BS, but wait till a white person says they identify as a black person, then they gonna go crazy about saying white people can't do that.

  2. Wonder when people will stop entertaining this "preferred identity" bullshit. You are who you are, there's only one you, and the things you dislike about yourself are some of the biggest factors of what makes you you.

  3. Neat trick. Imagine some slave about to get the whip and trying this out…. "I identify as white!"
    This is why we don't debate objective reality. Identifying as a race other than your own is not a thing – you can't do it, because you're not another race, you're you. That's it! We shouldn't even be having a conversation about this, but I suppose when gender is debatable, why not take the crazy to the absolute max! We can all be one happy family if we stop trying to slap a label on every one! People don't fit into neat little boxes like that; believe it or not, there's actually a lot more to a person than their race/sexuality etc, etc. When society tries to reduce people to a set of labels, that's a society trying to strip individuality away from people, and why would they do that? Because it's easier to rule over the people when you've reduced them to a set of titles. Communism – Your only value as a human being is as a tool to the state.

  4. I identify as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos' secret illegitimate love child. I'll be the richest post gender humanoid on the planet when I inherent both of their fortunes when they are released to elsewhere and have their genitals removed and consumed by the elders on my 20th test tube cap unscrewing day…


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