When You FINALLY Get Some Good PVP… – Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov definitely has it’s highs and lows, but there is no denying that when you have a good day of Tarkov it feels amazing. Check out the new highlight video with some clips from my streams featuring some cool plays, funny moments, and lots of good pvp. Check it out!

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My Audio Setup
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My Camera Setup
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38 thoughts on “When You FINALLY Get Some Good PVP… – Escape From Tarkov”

  1. Chads don't play this game anymore because the entire playerbase for some reason seems to want to push them away and make them play something else. Which is why all you ever see are low levels or high levels with the shittest gear ratting around

  2. Just realised you only have 100k? Dont get me wrong, thats crazy good work, but jesus i thought you were a much bigger youtuber?! You deserve many many more views and follows homie, great work!


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