Why does AD Kassadin Work? Let Me Show You – League of Legends Season 11 Off Meta Full Game

Timestamps, Runes and Links below!

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0:00 Why AD Kass? (Intro)
0:31 Champ Select
2:07 Game Starts
2:51 Lane Phase Starts
9:25 “Wrong Button”
9:57 1st Kill (Nunu Gank)
13:22 Why AD Kass?
17:20 Muramana Finishes
17:35 2nd and 3rd Kills, Build not yet complete
22:10 Teamfight Kills, Muramana burst
23:20 Muramana Bursts Again
24:05 Divine Sunderer Mythic Finished
27:02 Chasing and Hunting
27:20 1v1 Yi
27:44 Assassination (Clumsy)
31:00 Finale
32:55 Surrender and Outro

See? I said I’d do them!

AD Kassadin functions with Muramana proccing multiple times off of Kassadin’s W (Twice in W, and W is an AA reset, so easy to get 4 with Auto, W, Q, and now 6 with Riftwalk and E counting for Muramana hits in Preseason 11! Still only hits one target, but AoE abilities can now apply Muramana). Since AP Kassadin is, rather weak, so weak infact that (after this game was recorded) they hotfixed and lowered his Ult Mana cost again, I thought I’d keep going with AD Kassadin.

I’d say it’s easily my best performing build, so more videos coming for sure! Season 11 AD Kassadin may be better than ever!

Hey, you read the description! Big PP energy to you!


Conqueror (Free to use Fleet Footwork instead for sustain)
Presence of Mind (Still good, just different)
Legend: Alacrity or Tenacity
Coup De Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter



Mikel & Gamechops – Zelda & Chill 2

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Outro Music:
Zelda and Chill – Dark World

Thumbnail source – https://www.deviantart.com/samaichan/art/Kassadin-Cosmic-Reaver-814948205

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38 thoughts on “Why does AD Kassadin Work? Let Me Show You – League of Legends Season 11 Off Meta Full Game”

  1. Quick trivia on Gangplank's barrels:
    When they explode they only use your physical damage, nothing on-hit, and can critically strike. The only exception is sheen damage, they specially coded it to work. So, knowing this, you can buy lich bane and use it on the barrels, but this was always possible, it's not new.

  2. Have you tried Muramana Blitz top? I've tried your Bruiser-like build and it's really fun, but now I think is better Blitz with Muramana since it doesn't takes so long to stack and won't eat all his mana. His R's passive applies Muramana's passive so after stacking it you can do quite a bit of damage, and if you want you can go either tank or AD after that. Just saying, good video btw

  3. It does not work. Don't tell people it works. Don't be another Nightblue or thousand of other dumbass clickbaity youtubers who play some random build against low elo players on normals while getting good team and telling people it works. In like 99.9% cases its better to build normal or just pick diffrent champion. Just because you pick some random champion/build and it worked doesn't mean it's a good choice. Few months ago I picked Draven top and it turned out I got like 6/0 against Ornn – does it mean it's a good top pick? Hell no if enemy team have more than 10 IQ you are done. Don't act like you know what you are talking about when it comes to theorycrafting and builds when you have 42% winrate on your main champion. Kassadin is in very bad spot right now cause of item reworks but it's still much better, stronger and viable option than AD.

  4. Love your content Cryo. It's very fresh and refreshing. I tried your ad Kass recently and popped off even though I don't play Kass. Maybe that's just a testament to how bad my opponents were but either way I had fun with it 😀

  5. I have been experimenting with kassadin builds. This is a good one, but I feel like it tries to bring back the spirit of old late game kassadin in a meta that is currently too fast. I also find the build people have been trying with Liandry's waaaay too squishy. The build I've been liking the most is Night reaver into seraph's. I completly ditched the precision tree for manaflow band and the CDR rune. With that I have about the same CDR as the old items gave, a decent mana pool, and honestly a whole lotta burst. the only thing I REALLY miss from RoA is hp…well regardless it makes you feel very strong with only 2 items again. About opportunity cost, whileI do agree to an extent, there's a tradeoff. Take that Lucian kill at 28 for instance, even considering it wasnt an optimal combo, the burst build would have actually increased survivability there because you wouldnt need to second ult him and then use flash to try and stay alive. I think the AD build is going to be particularly good against heavy tank teams, as liandry which is good anti-tank for mages leave Kass too vulnerable. Anyway, I just wanna clarify I'm not trying to ditch the build or anything, in fact I'm here because I like your videos xD .Just sharing what I've found in my game experience as a fellow Kassadin enthusiast

  6. As a kassadin main i must say I am dissapointed in the ap items this season. ADs are still favored, lethality is more broken than it was when it first came out (which trust me isn't an easy feat) and having 19 base armor at lvl 1 is tough. I have played the optimized ap build for kass and I must say I'm not impressed. I tried the ad manatank build (with sunfire) and it felt much better. The damage is still there, but you don't get oneshot by everyone

  7. Is it just me or is he wrong about engaging against urgot?
    Kassadin q cancels channels – so wait until urgot winds up, ult behind him so he misses, then q to cancel urgot w.. Then just walk with urgot, not against him (to avoid his passive dmg) and engage with everything to win trades. Hold the q.. Dont just use it to poke.
    Kassadin is a soft counter imo – but idk. Gotta try this tomorrow.


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