Why is “everyone” leaving Funhaus? | January 2021 Q&A

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27 thoughts on “Why is “everyone” leaving Funhaus? | January 2021 Q&A”

  1. So many hours of Funhaus videos, and only just now i realize how much in journalist, composed type of way Alanah is talking 😀 i'm really rooting for You in your new job.

  2. Q: Why is "everyone" leaving Funhaus? A: Because Achievement Hunter is the better watch, not Funhaus. They've never been a fun watch. They destroyed The Know channel because reasons.

  3. I remember funhaus being the cause behind the first time I sh*t myself as an adult. Now i cant remember the last time i clicked in their videos…

    I got into funhaus after watching a couple of their gta mod videos and got immediately hooked.

  4. As an Aussie, yes, the valley girl accent is a thing for Aussie ladies lol, even my wife does it! Suspect it might actually be a bit of a generational thing, from watching certain teen movies as they grew up and copying the accents from them.


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