Why is PS5 Actually So Hard to Find and Buy

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You were good all year and when Christmas time rolled around you asked Santa for one thing, the ultimate video game console and envy of all your friends, the PS5! But the holidays have come and gone and still no PS5! What’s the deal? Unless you are will to pay more than double the ticket price it looks like you are stuck with your old console. Why is the Sony Playstation 5 so freaking hard to find? Find out right here!

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46 thoughts on “Why is PS5 Actually So Hard to Find and Buy”

  1. PS5 is not hard to find but rather expensive to buy, kindly stop this false hype like is not available. If you want a PS5 I can show you where to buy it or I can get it for you at a cost of $800-$900.

  2. Bro just wait a year and then get one it gives Sony time to work out the console bugs and improve the console, I bought an Xbox one on launch and I had many problems with the console itself making me switch to playstation

  3. Its over this shortage of chips from AMD will set restock until Summer and even then it'll be sold out, sadly even if this keeps going it'll be in and out of stock even 2022 and beyond. There is no hope at this point only %7 of folks in the States own one

  4. I'm not going to watch but here's the answer, Scalpers and Sony are releasing alittle but to make people want to get it even more a way to make history in the gaming world by saying the ps5 was hardest to buy because they where flying off the shelves, right now and until the ps6 comes out we will know the truth but once the ps6 is going to come out the generation from that time are not going to believe you becuse everyone online that has a platform, magazines and news are going to tell them everyone bought the ps5

  5. Best Buy was the best for getting a chance to get one to your cart. My dad and I got one on the same day.
    Edit: Follow the ps5 stock alert accounts on Twitter that let you know when stores do restocks that's how we got 2 within 30 minutes.

  6. I will wait. I'm dissapointed, I was waiting like 6 years to buy console. There was always smth else to pay. Now when I have cash and decided it is the time, I can't. It would be dumb to buy PS4.. and there is no way I will buy from scalpers, because fk them. So well I'm just gonna wait some more (〒﹏〒)

  7. I was lucky & able to get my Series X & PS5 at lunch. I will say however that I did sit for 18 hours outside GameStop waiting on the PS5 second wave of preorders. It really depends on how bad you want it people. Also if your job would allow you to do this. I called in sick.😂 I haven’t missed a system at launch since the PS2 & I wasn’t about to start here.🖕U BOTS!

  8. Actually the problem is that Sony have their head up their arses. They sold like 5 million ps5 so far and their user base was like over 114 million. Did they expect like 5%< conversion rate for holiday season? They shouldn't even bother to release without 20 million units in stock.

  9. It's not hard to find and buy,
    just ask the scalpers!
    I'm glad you referred to them as Secondhand because legally they are and as such are not covered by the manufacturers warranty.
    Caveat emptor.


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