Why NO ONE Plays: Sona | League of Legends

Sona is the most tragic support to ever exist in League of Legends, being basically “replaced” by Seraphine in almost every way. But there’s more to her declining play rate than just another music champion, and so today’s episode of Why NO ONE Plays features Sona: The Maven of the Strings!

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38 thoughts on “Why NO ONE Plays: Sona | League of Legends”

  1. As a sona main, I'm glad you explained how crucial her passive is. Before I retired from the league scene, I played support exclusively. Sona, Karma and Vel'Koz (don't @ me)

    Of these 3, Sona was my first love. And those who stick with her will know why. Her skills are dull, but they are vital in teamfights, chases, and even plain kiting. Her stun is essential to engage, disengage or hardlock someone when they're about to join a team fight. Her passive is disgusting when used correctly. AP Sona Mid used to be a thing but idk if people still practice that now where they burst someone down with an E (to move better) W (to sustain) and Q to hit them and dish out an autoattack buffed by the Q's passive. It's insane what she can do. Yes, she's a stat battery. But if it means I keep my team alive while helping make sure the other team stays dead, then call me Duracell.

  2. I will also say as a Sona main that Sona is basically the only support who really needs to buy Tear of the Goddess and being 400 gold behind the enemy support when you’re already playing a very item dependent champ is really annoying

  3. Sona was the first support I unlocked, and she was awesome, then S4 started, and her auras were no longer permanent. The whole reason I chose her, and her rework took it away. I stopped playing her after I unlocked Soraka.

  4. First: Thanks for the Video!
    Second: I have 600k on Sona. I kinda like that when I play Sona I don't have to carry in an active way. Thats why I mained her for a loong time.
    A rework of Sona would be rly bad in my opinion. Simply because we have a Seraphine for the ppl who want more agency. What I would like to see is that the auras would provied aoe aslong as they last for your team. So e.g. Q not a single buffed auto but buffed autos for as long as your team stays in your aura. Or for W sheld on enter and as long as they stay in some armor/mr buff.

  5. E needs to grant attack speed. Ult needs double range and grow wider with distance. Also i think it be cool if she gained all 3 auras around her for a few seconds too around her and her autos are empowered with all effects active from power cord.

  6. I think Riot hasn't been here. Their new changes for her don't solve anything. They reduce the CD for her but it doesn't matter how many times you perform her skills while her skill effects are nothing especially in 2v2 or when the enemy support has IGNITE. Moreover, they nerf her skill effects (damage from Q, heal from W and speed buff from E). So f*ing b*llsh*t. Tks Vars for speaking out professionally Sona's sorrow.

  7. Sona was literally my first love in this game and im glad the importance of her passive was stated lol, the amount of times ive saved people by using the other two chords instead of just blue damage chord is untold, and most of them probably never even realized it. I wish they would do her justice. It would have been so easy to just mold seraphines lore into sona, mainly because sera has like 0 personality beyond her lore lul. Instead of what the crystal does for sera, it could have given sona a voice etc. Tho sona is literally one of like 3 champions with disabilities so lol she just got done dirty by money hungry riot, like the rest of us lol

  8. and all of this is why I play dark harvest full ap sona. I tend to max w(heal) early game, then late game because of my runes, and items, I can shred towers and objectives solo. also effectively utilizing the slow power chord and an everfrost make a world of difference.

  9. I use to be a Sona main when I plaid I even Bought the DJ Sona skin because I love the character so much. But because I quit during the highest point of toxic players in league and stuff and that was a very very long time ago like atleast 2014 I Feel like I don't have a right to object in this.

  10. Everyone hates you, everyone thinks that you are just a minion or a girl who is boosted by her bf.
    Its so stupid because after this bad rework, just because pro players are playing with her, people respect me more. Its not a cool champ to main


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