Why People STILL DON'T Play: Dr. Mundo | League of Legends

So I’ve been thinking about doing a video on this champion ever since this series was a thing, but I figured it wouldn’t be worth it because he was getting reworked. Little did I know, that rework would barely change anything. So we’re gonna be talking about Why NO ONE Plays Dr. Mundo: The Madman of Zaun, even after his rework!

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30 thoughts on “Why People STILL DON'T Play: Dr. Mundo | League of Legends”

  1. I think they should make him a late game tank, make his ult power up his abilities to have more CC potential

    Q – now slows damages in an aoe and slight damage increase (Teamfight engage)

    W – Bigger AoE, and better grey health conversion (Forces people to try get away or he will heal for a large portion)

    E – Will now stun the target for 1s (More CC and interrupt channels)

    R – Maybe a grievous wounds cleanse when it detonates?

  2. mundo is a champion built around a healing gimmick where every champion can heal insane amounts and antihealing is bought every game. he is obsolete. why pick mundo if sion exists? same reason no one plays maokai why pick him of you can pick ornn or volibear. i still like mundo as a tank that provides above average dps for a tank but little to no cc so i have him in my champion pool

  3. Dr. Mundo's Passive also can be a literal downside as well if he doesnt pick it up because he loses a large chunk of health for one cc immunity proc which sucks cause hes more of a tank more than any other juggernaught and tanks do not need cc immunity. They are the only class that doesnt mind soaking up cc.

  4. I was one off the few mundo mains, I was excited to hear he was getting a rework……then horrified when I saw what they were……I was hoping maby once I tried them out myself they would not be to bad!
    But he just felt wrong….he felt squishy……mundo should not feel squishy….and his ult is no were near as useful as before, just makes me sad now since I can no longer go were I please…..his old ult really was just more useful.

  5. Dr Mundo also don't see a lot of play in league of legends : wild rift cause he's just a health tank with no hard CC. He's doesn't contribute much to the team and fall into the shadows of others great tanks like malphite, thresh and alistar

  6. Because the rework is an objective nerf. I miss maxing E first on old Mundo and destroying towers during laning phase. R.I.P.

  7. Don't know why people think that simple champions are boring, they test your knowledge instead of pressing buttons, with Mundo, Garen, Udyr you just need very good understanding of the game to consistently preserve early power and become unkillable and fast damage machines, which is a lot of fun if u are good enough to pool it off

    I mostly play Qiyana and Zed midlane, but when I go top or jgl, I enjoy basic fast tanky juggernauts very much, tons of fun

  8. Hes also strictly worse as a jungler. His stat gain is much worse cause of the nerf to his stats in general so instead of farming up to level 6 and becoming a temporary raid boss your just straight up worse in every way. His aoe is worse in clearing the jungle, his w is shit now with the lack of stats and lack of mr, and for whats supposed to be a low skill champ his skill shots in clearing camps make it so variable that its actually a harder clear. The worst part is that many of the one tricks actually like him less now. I had him at 67% winrate at 75 games and loved him then the rework hit and just heavily disliked him afterwards. Also poppy essence was lost she doesnt pop champions anymore she just pushes them around. The character lost what was fun about him and made him worse. His lost of tenacity on his w for addition of his new passive was the worst trade deal in the history of ever. If the reverted the mundo change and said lets think about this more it would be a good choice in my opinion.


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