Why We Need A PS5 Pro

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47 thoughts on “Why We Need A PS5 Pro”

  1. A lot of console players use a TV and not a monitor, and finding a 4K 120hz TV is very rare, and if you do find one it is very very expensive. And even with monitors a 4K 120/144hz monitor are nearly as expensive as the PS5/series X anyways. So if games can’t run 4K 144hz it won’t matter to the majority of people. A PS5 pro wouldn’t be necessary for a little while, especially because the regular PS5 costs more to produce then it is selling for. That being said I would like to see what Sony and Microsoft could do with a β€œpro” version of the consoles this generation

  2. Hi UrCasaulGamer. I'm not sure if you saw my post on a different video. I would like to ask if you could do a Neo Geo set up for RetroArch video. I added the core successfully, but am stuck on loading the games. Each game file I have consists of a folder with a bunch of files and none have one that looks like a game ROM. For Metal Slug, the file has, for example: uni-bios_1_0.rom, uni-bos_1_1.rom, uni-bios_1_2.rom, etc. And other files like sp-45.sp1 and sp-e.sp1, etc. Uploading this to Retroarch like one would a SNES or Genesis Rom does not work. I'm not sure if it needs to be extracted first. Do I even have the correct ROM game files? Thanks!

  3. We don't need a PS5 Pro, we need Devs to fucking optimise the game well. Also most of us in the world aren't rich or willing to spend a lot on proper TV or monitor to fully utilise the console.

  4. i hate the concept of the "pro" version as it insult the buyers of the first version and push those that havent to wait for the proversion…only to find out that the next gen console is out and they repeat that process until they are feed up and buy the console,
    in honesty, the pro only came out because sony and microsoft didnt have the time to finish their respectives ng console

    and thats coming from a console gamer

  5. Casual, you're a good youtuber. You have awesome videos and helped us get games because of your tutorials.

    But PLEASE do not mention something that is too soon to talk about xD

  6. Bro I think 4 years and in 2 years the slim version should come but yeah Ray tracing is still a bit new as you can see with Cyberpunk and I think 4k 60 could come to to originals but if they are very well optimised like spiderman on ps4 we have seen it before so it will come and idk about 8k 30 even🀣 so we can just wait and let this scalping end.

  7. I can't but agree with you man. With the Xbox 1x and the PS4 pro only coming out in the last 3-4 years. The new generation felt it came out rushed and incomplete, it also felt unnecessarly. Both companies (Microsoft and Sony) should have factored this in and delayed it for a further 12 months, used more powerful hardware, and had them released in late 2021 or even 2022.

  8. And the scalpers will beat us to the PS5+ and Xbox X2, I am NOT a console player but the scalpers have made a CPU/GPU shortage for the PC players. As for Ray Tracing, remember when 3D was the great thing for TV and Players? It has Died. Ray Tracing may be nice but it will be a few years before there is enough games that use it to make it worth while. TY for your video


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