WHY YOU LOSE GUNFIGHTS! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks to Win Fights and Stay Alive)

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Overpeeking
1:55 – Proper Scouting
3:30 – Missing Your Shots
5:12 – Movement
7:10 – Confidence
9:00 – Fighting Mindset
10:04 – Summary & Reinforcement

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18 thoughts on “WHY YOU LOSE GUNFIGHTS! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks to Win Fights and Stay Alive)”

  1. 8:45 So true, I managed to win a game with my 0.2kd today by pinning the last enemy team outside the closing ring. I was playing fuse, and when that team came forward, they just got blown up instantly

  2. When it comes to the “over peaking” most of the example was actually “over extending” although they are very similar if you notice the examples he used he was way off from his team as well as rushing with no cover so it’s a problem with both. you make great content my man keep it up

  3. So I just need slightly better aim, and my brother needs to focus on staying with me and not pushing every squad he sees. He always tries to get a 20 bomb or 4k damage, but only gets 2 kills. And he always gets mad at me when I get a kill to save his life.

  4. Not wasting ammo on fights you can't win is big. I had a match where my teammates were shooting at a squad that had good cover and high ground. Even if they would have knocked someone that team would have revived them easily. There was no way we could push to finish. It would have been better to just move off somewhere else.

  5. I’ve never really grinded in ranked but this season I’ve just hit platinum for the first time. I truly do want to make it to diamond so these videos have actually been pretty useful.


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